Horseback riding

Horseback riding. The horse riding club gets back in the saddle

Horseback riding. The horse riding club gets back in the saddle

The students are happy to be back in the stirrup again, and the horses and ponies have had enough to eat in the meadows, without doing any sport.

There was a lot of… “get on your high horse”! Except that in this case, it was a lost cause, the Covid-19 pandemic still holds – a little, like it or not – the whip in its hands …

All the French horse clubs have had to suffer from inaction.” The authorisation to resume the activity gives balm to the heart.I am thinking of my student riders, but also of my ponies and horses, a little orphaned by this isolation, without human beings. In the meantime, we had to maintain them, feed them, pamper them, without them having to do any exercise,” says Françoise Martinaud.

It was a lot of burdens to bear without any money coming for it, apart from the sale of old equipment which is sold second-hand! It is worth mentioning a beautiful initiative of a passionate rider, pleading the cause of the horse club family. Camille launched a jackpot on Facebook which had a great echo”. This help of 3,000 euros has supported me a lot. “

I’ve lowered the daily rations from three to two meals. A horse needs to work or it gets sick. “

Chubby horses

The manager of the Montpouillan* club observes her residents, not so unhappy, “They took advantage of it in the meadows, going about freely. The rascals have become a bit fat.The return to exercise requires a return to fitness. It’s like any athlete, it requires reathletization. They lost muscle, breath, cardio. “

During this period of confinement, François Martinaud took care of feeding: “I lowered the daily rations from three to two meals. A horse needs to work, otherwise it gets sick.A horse needs to work, otherwise it gets sick, so the students will have to be careful with their mounts, and they themselves will certainly feel a little sore after this forced two-month truce,” he says.

Refrain from loitering

Quite epic, the equestrian course adapts to the circumstances required by this exceptional situation. Everyone is now aware of the precautionary measures. A new set of internal regulations is in force.A new set of rules is in force and parents are asked to leave their child but under no circumstances should they get out of their car.on the car park, the information panel is explicit on this subject, stating the behaviour and changes to be observed on the site.

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