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L1: the League brings together its clubs to ratify the format for 20 teams

Paris (AFP) - The Professional Football League (LFP) meets on Tuesday its general assembly to record the maintenance of a Ligue 1 to 20 teams next season, a decision fought by relegates Toulouse and especially Amiens, already turned to the courts .

All the professional clubs of L1 and L2 as well as the football families (players, coaches, referees, doctors ...) will meet Tuesday at 10:00 am to confirm the maintenance of the current format, synonymous with downhill for the Picard club and the TFC.

No longer a lot of suspense in this long-running soap opera where nobody, except the interested parties, militates for their draft.But there is an episode to write, Tuesday, after a decision of the Council of State which forced the League to review its copy.

In an order made on June 9, the highest administrative court had in fact "enjoined" the LFP, "in connection with the competent bodies of the French Football Federation (FFF), to be reviewed by June 30, 2020, the question of the format of Ligue 1 for the 2020-2021 season, (...) and to draw the consequences as to the principle of relegation ".

The option of an L1 with 22 clubs, making it possible to recover the 19th (Amiens) and 20th (Toulouse) of the 2019-2020 championship truncated by the Covid-19 pandemic, had been rejected by the League with poor legal leverage, according to the Council of State.

- FFF assembly on Friday -

In fact, the governance of professional football was based on the 2016-2020 agreement between the LFP and the Federation, which imposes a maximum limit of 20 teams in the Championship, to refuse a move to 22 teams next season.

In the meantime, the future LFP-FFF convention (2020-2024) was adopted at the General Assembly of the League on May 20, and must now be validated by the Federation Assembly scheduled for Friday.

Posted Date: 2020-06-30

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