Horseback riding

Horseback riding. The horse riding club gets back in the saddle

She films a rider violently whipping a horse and complains

For several days a video posted on social networks has been creating controversy.We see a rider repeatedly hitting a horse in an equestrian center in Calaisis, because he refuses to pass obstacles.Since then, two visions of riding clash.

By Adrien Boussemart | Published on 06/29/2020 updated at 12h28


Video creates controversy

Saturday afternoon, Léa, who soon leaves the region, goes to her old equestrian club to sell riding products to another rider.While waiting for the buyer, she notices and then films a rider with behavior, according to her , "Inadmissible".

On her images shared on social networks and transmitted to the gendarmerie of Fréthun, where she filed a complaint, we see a man, manager of an equestrian center in Dunkirk, trying to pass obstacles.Then hit his horse with a whip on several occasions: on the rump, the flank and at the level of the head.What refutes the man besides."In thirteen years of horsemanship, I never saw that in this club and elsewhere.have already used a whip, but never so violently.There are other methods of passing obstacles, "she explains.Note that the association Brigitte Bardot would have brought civil action to support the complaint of the young woman.


"I didn't hit my head"

For its part, the rider targeted by this complaint, who wishes to remain anonymous, defends himself and assumes."It was a client's horse and a young girl did not succeed.Sometimes, we have to train them and to force them and unfortunately, we have to be a little hard but we don't do it all the time.And then, I didn't hit my head, he says.Only, what we don't see, what are the hugs and hugs that I gave him next."According to him, hitting the frames with a whip is a practice" used by all professionals "to train them and" authorized in competition ".More generally, this professional regrets the actions of some people "who do not have the same vision at all" of horse riding.In other words, Léa and other people shocked.

Posted Date: 2020-07-01

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