Different Types Of Handbags For Different Occasions

Fashion is undoubtedly one of the hot topic among people and most us try to keep up with the new fashion trends. Having a stylish handbag is one of the popular way to follow the fashion trend. Handbags are no longer used just to carry the stuffs but also used as a fashion accessory to show a women’s personality and style.

Designer handbags are the one which can make a women’s wardrobe complete, today may ladies of all age group are obsessed over handbags. With such a huge popularity, many designers are focusing on creating attractive handbags to increase their profit. In order to meet the large demands, many handbags with different styles and types are created. Let us find out the different type of handbags for women.

Tote Bag: This type of bag is large and open, it has a handle at each side of the bag. This bag will hold almost every item you want to carry around. Tote’s are generally made using leather, heavy canvas or vegan leather. You can use this bag when you are going out for casual meetings, shopping or when you are going for beach day out since the bag is spacious you can carry all the necessary requirements.

Crossbody Bag: Crossbody Borboleta designer handbag is a perfect compromise between a backpack and purse. With crossbody bag, your hands will be free and you will have full access to the items inside the bag, with addition to that you will be assured that all your belongings are safe from theft. The crossbody bags are worn across the body and thereby it will give a style statement to your outfit. This handbags is popular among teenagers and college students, you can use this bag while travelling.

Hobo Bags: Hobo bags will come in crescent shape and it is perfect for women who wants to look stylish and trendy. The bottom of the bag will resemble a boat and this will give unusual look to the bag. Hobo bag is perfect for a day out or to carry it during the trip . this bag is spacious and can hold large number of items.

Clutch: Clutch handbags is perfect for evening occasions like parties, dinners and clubbing. This small bag will come without any straps, it can only accommodate few essential items like phone, money and cosmetics assuring you that your night out will not see any fuss. They are easy to hold and they come in variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Apart from these there are yet many several types of handbag available in market. Different type of handbag is carried on different occasions, a women will carry her charm with handbags so display your personality with the right bag today.