How To Cheat In Playstation Online Or Multiplayer Games?

Hacking in online multiplayer games can be easily done using the well-known method modded controllers. Newly modified Playstation gamepad may be programmed automatically to generate user inputs such as automatically firing weapons by holding down a button, automatically correcting weapon spread, automatically crouching/diving while shooting to maximize survival chance in shooters etc. However, a modded controller cannot include aimbots, aim assist, wallhacks etc. because access to the game memory was not given and thus, it is unable to scan it for any objects.

It is very difficult to cheat in Playstation online multiplayer games especially for newer console generations such as PS4 or PS4 Pro, because in PS4 getting a unsigned or tampered code is impossible without having a hacked console which indeed, hacking a console is not at all small task.

So why cheating becomes a complex task in PS4? Game Cheats are possible but highly complex, unless there are cheat codes coded into the game. In online multiplayer games, it is necessary to own hacked console in order to get unsigned or tampered code to run simple cheating software such as aimbots, farming bots and wallhacks etc. Thus, packet editing proxies are the most practical method of cheating at the moment.

Thus, it is currently impossible task to run unsigned code on the PS4 as, PS4 has its own signature that has to be verified before execution. Tampering with code run on the platform is therefore currently impossible. Anyone offering you hacks or bots on a USB stick is just a way to simply trick you.

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Thus, there are lot of gamers who want to make use of PS4 cheats in order to add some boosts in their game roles or adding some functions in favor of their side to win the game, and hence enjoy using game cheats while playing PS4 games to make it more interesting.