How To Fix Car Glass Scratches?

Fixing a scratch on a car windshield may seem like something that needs a complete replacement of whole windshield or a job better left for professional expert to handle it. But, have you ever knew that glass restoration can be actually done by you right at your own drive way. Yes, depending upon the depth of scratch with right know how and few common items you can fix it by yourself.

There are several ways that your windshield may get a scratch over the time as you drive, especially at busy roads and highways where debris is most likely to strike and scratch your windshield. If you have noticed scratch on windshield and you want to stop it from getting even worse, use this methods for a quick and reliable repair to your windshield.

Acrylic scratch remover: This is probably the easiest way to fix the scratch. An acrylic scratch remover is a liquid solution and will dry transparent and fill the scratches chemically and hide damages.

Cerium oxide: If the scratch id little deep, you can fix it using cerium oxide. Just mix the powder with water and make a paste that should be consistent like glue, use this paste to cover the scratched area and then buff it with buffer. While buffing apply the pressure slowly and grind the surface smooth. You will have a completely scratch free surface within less time.

Toothpaste: Just a small drop of toothpaste onto a dry and clean polishing cloth, rub the paste all over the scratch and repeat the process as needed. Wipe off excess toothpaste with damp cloth and check if there is any improvement. Make sure not to use gel based toothpaste for fixing the scratch.

Auto repair kits: Many automobile companies provide glass repair kits that you can use to fix surface and mildly deeper scratches. This kits will contain various types of compounds, solutions, polishes to buff the scratches out to the point where it is not able to see it again.

Seek Professional help: Depending upon the size and depth of scratch, you may seek the professional help to have it checked, properly repaired or replaced. If the scratch is too big or too deep, it is important to get it repaired immediately to help reducing various risks.

Scratches on windshield aren’t a type of dilemma they once were, with the help of some household supplies you can remove them in just a matter of few hours.