How To Watch HD Movies And TV Shows Online

Movies are a great stress buster and everyone loves to watch it during weekends or holidays. There is nothing better than a great movie or a TV show and a bagful of popcorn to enjoy a break from the daily routine according to some people. In the past, people had to visit a theater to catch a movie. This practice underwent a drastic change when cable TVs entered our homes. But everyone had to watch television shows on the basis of a schedule that was largely planned by broadcasters based on TRP ratings.

Nowadays one can easily say that, internet is making television sets obsolete. With a computer or even a good quality smart phone, one can easily watch HD movies and TV series online. Moreover one need not have to keep himself or herself confined to a living room. The TV shows and movies can be watched from any place which has a valid internet connection. There are many ways using which one can watch HD movies and TV shows online.

People these days are bombarded with a plethora of options which can help them in watching HD movies and TV shows online. One can pay a subscription fee and watch all their favourite movies on Netflix, Lovefilm, Blinkbox, YouTube, iTunes, Now TV, Amazon and many more. One can even watch all the latest flicks from the comfort of their home using these.

Apart from these, one can also watch movies and TV shows for free .Many websites are available precisely for this purpose. All you require is an internet connection. Even though these sites have some limitations such as one cannot watch a movie that is still running in theatres for free, they can watch old movies and also movies and TV shows in numerous genres.

The BBC iPlayer is one such website which has gained tremendous popularity over the years. This popularity can be largely attributed to the fact that it airs some of the most popular TV shows with occasional movies in between. The chance to take a laptop, tablet or smartphone full of downloaded BBC programmes (which expire after 30 days) makes iPlayer a dream come true for commuters and frequent flyers.

People using the desktop and iOS based apps of iPlayer can also mark certain programs as favourites and store them for later use. Another great aspect of this app is the HD version of movies and TV shoes. Due to the HD version one can watch these programs without any interruptions.