Hypoallergenic Dog Foods

If you plan to shop for dog food for a dog with allergies you can feel that it is quite a daunting task. It is difficult to find grain free foods in the market. It is costlier to find rarer proteins like those of venison or bison. If your dog suffers from frequent skin irritations or poor digestive issues, you should test the canine for food allergies. Food allergies in dogs are mostly genetic and they get passed on from parents to pups. Some dogs also get it later in life. The problem arises when the dog’s body tries to break down proteins from the problem ingredient. This can be proven from the fact that the top allergy causing foods are mostly made up of proteins.Find more information about this.

The sources of food that are the chief cause behind allergies are beef, dairy, wheat, corn, egg, chicken, lamb, soy, pork, rabbit and fish. Once you have found out about the food causing allergies in your dog, you should take steps to avoid it as much as possible. In order to avoid it, you can obtain the prescription from a veterinarian, make your own food from scratch or you can try some commercial food with a limited amount of ingredients. One of the examples of best hypoallergenic dog food that is available in the market.

Hill’s prescription diet skin or food sensitivities – This is the food that your vet likely recommends when the dog has been diagnosed with food allergy. This is entirely grain and soy free and comprises of a single protein source. It makes use of hydrolyzed protein which means that the protein is broken down molecularly in such a way that the allergen is not left behind. It is also available at different prices with different protein variants with venoison, salmon or duck.