Painless Dentistry Fort Worth

People usually have this habit of avoiding a visit to the dentist due to anxiety of fear associated with the instruments, dental procedures or the pain associated with it. But now, a new procedure called painless dentistry or conscious sedation dentistry has entered the picture. People of all age groups, children especially can now thus visit a dentist without any worries.

Painless dentistry or sedation dentistry is so called because in this process, mild forms of sedatives are used to numb the organs of a patient while performing a dental procedure. This procedure relieves anxiety and helps a patient to remain calm. In case of minimal painless dentistry procedure, nitrous oxide commonly called laughing gas is used. Patients are made to inhale this gas before a dental procedure. This will help them to stay calm and it is also one of the cheapest painless dentistry procedures. In the moderate procedure, patients are given medicines like anti depressants or other anti anxiety medicines which can keep their minds calm making them less anxious about the procedure. In case a patient needs to undergo a complicated dental procedure or multiple procedures in a single appointment, dentists provide him with a mild dosage of local anaesthesia. This will numb the organs where the procedure has to be carried out, thereby relieving him of pain and anxiety. This is one of the costliest procedures and is used rarely.

Sedation dentistry is being practised by dentists since many years. But now new techniques have come about making the process extremely safe for patients. In cases where patients are very much afraid of dental procedures, sedation dentistry is also used in a routine process such as teeth cleaning. Sometimes sedatives are paired with a topical anesthetic as well for better results for patients. Thus painless dentistry has now emerged as the most popular form of treatment.